Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I know its been a while - and yes I am still alive, but I must say that the ground beneath my feet has literally been snatched from under me. I have been having issues with my health so I went to have my blood tested and the results were not great. Thankfully, its not life threatening, but it does require a lot of changes in my eating habits and diet to get back on track again. Anyone who has read my posts or followed this blog will know just how much I LOVE food. Food is my life. I eat to celebrate, eat when I am sad, eat when I am nervous, eat when I am angry. I eat! So now, I have been told I can't eat. Well, not in those exact words - but if you see what I CAN eat, then I may as well not eat at all! So here is the run down...

NO COFFEE (are they kidding?)

So let me put this into perspective, for those who still don't comprehend the severity of this disaster. Pasta, pizza - in fact most things Italian are off limits. What will my life be without my Gorgonzola & mushroom gnocchi? And what of my home made "00" pasta? Cheese, cream, espresso! Someone shoot me now.

Now, for the sake of this blog, there will have to be some changes. Give me some time to digest (no pun intended) this tragedy and let me see what I can do to create tasty Italian inspired food that even I can eat. Watch this space.

Time to go make myself a cup of black, sugar-free rooibos tea. Yummy.

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