Friday, July 16, 2010

My Fridge

I heard once that looking into a person's refrigerator is like looking into their soul. What will you find in there when you open the door? I have a very strange relationship with my fridge. Often, in times of extreme boredom or indecision, I find myself looking in the fridge. As if I am likely to get an answer out of it, but it’s worth the shot. My fridge is pretty standard. She is honest and hardworking and is always open for me. However I often find myself looking at other fridges in that way. You know those sexy, gorgeous, curvaceous SMEGS. You can’t afford one – she is totally out of your league, but still you look…ah…one day, you say. Anyway, back to reality – my fridge. I recently gave her a facelift. In the spirit of the recent FIFA World Cup I decided to adorn her in the colours of the Italian flag. Too bad my team crashed out so spectacularly. If they played half as well as she looked, maybe they would have progressed beyond the group stages. So anyway, this is her from the outside. Not bad huh?

Let’s open her up. Let’s see…hmmm. Well no shortage of margarine. That little white dish is the hottest thing in the any fridge. That’s my crushed chili in olive oil also know as satin in a plate. One dash of that in anything and you will sweat lakes. Do you think there are enough vegetables in there? Spinach, aubergine, red and yellow peppers, baby marrow, Italian cherry tomatoes, portabellini mushrooms – I feel myself getting aroused by what I could make with that. So lets move on to the door then, before the temptation to get stuck in becomes too great.

Well, a solitary egg stands all alone. I will probably beat it tomorrow and use it to baste my amazing chicken pie. Below that, a tub of basil pesto and some grated Parmesan. Apart from that, there is nothing too outrageous or different on the shelves… there is some chicken livers, sun dried tomatoes, sandwich condiments... So anyway, that’s my fridge, open and exposed to you. Perhaps now you know a little more about me. Or perhaps you don’t. Either way, I gotta go create something right away.

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