Saturday, August 21, 2010

I have a confession to make.

For the last four months I have had my eye on this exotic beauty in the aisle of my local supermarket. She is there every week and indeed every time I go shopping, I meet her there just to admire her. Occasionally I hold her in my arms and bring her close to my nose just to pick up her scent. I dream of all the wonderful things I could do with her and how delightful she would be in my kitchen. But alas, that’s where it ends for us. I always leave her there with a heavy heart and a grumbling stomach. That is until today! I finally stepped out and thought “TO HELL WITH IT!” This Black Truffle is going home with me! Sure this little baby set me back a couple of bucks (that I don’t really have at this dry stage of the month), but no doubt the gastronomical delights that lie ahead will be priceless. First up will be an exotic mushroom risotto. Watch this space…

R7500 per kilo buys you this sweet little baby. Naked truffle NOT included.

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