Friday, July 30, 2010

My original inspiration for starting this blog was to document all the different recipes that I have discovered or created over the years in my kitchen and hopefully inspire others to discover the joys of cooking. One thing I did not expect was for this blog to kick start me into action as it has done. I have never felt more inspired to get creative and be in the kitchen. So, I have decided to push my boundaries and up my game. I am going to host a dinner party – but not just any dinner party. This is going to be a gastronomical feast! In the coming weeks, I will be experimenting with different gourmet dishes from appetizers, garnishes and deserts, all with one thing in mind – to feel like a Michelin Star Chef, if just for one night.

So, I created this invite which I will be sending off to my friends. Next step is to finalize and create the menu - will keep you posted!

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  1. Next step = collate your recipes into a best selling recipe book mate!